40 Hours Community Service – diploma requirement

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Six Reasons to Volunteer


Track Your Hours

Students must complete 40 hours of community involvement activities:

  • During the lunch hour
  • In the evening
  • During the summer
  • On weekends
  • During school holidays
  • On a completely voluntary basis (not for pay)

Completed Tracking Forms may be submitted to the Guidance secretary in Counselling Services.

Please check the following regularly:

  • Community Involvement postings on the Volunteer board in the Counselling Services office waiting area
  • Listen for morning announcements as new opportunities arrive
  • FHTV for viewing new postings
  • Volunteer Action Centre’s website also helps students find volunteer opportunities in their community http://www.volunteerkw.ca/
  • http://www.volunteer.ca Volunteering Works! A parent’s guide to youth volunteering.

For more information on the community involvement requirement, eligible community involvement activities, see the Community-Involvement-Manual

For a copy of the Activity Tracker please see Community Activity Tracker