Welcome! أهلا بك karibu soo dhaweyn 欢迎  

We are thrilled to have you be a part of our magnet program!

Three reasons for taking English as a Second Language courses

  • Developing the ability to read, write, listen and speak English is the key to your future in Canada.
  • Our classes are designed to help you increase your vocabulary and improve your literacy, oral communication and study skills.
  • Opportunities are available for individual support, small group work and whole class instruction as part of our language acquisition courses. 

Who is an ESL Student?

  • The ESL program is for students who have age-appropriate literacy skills (i.e., reading and writing) in their first language.
  • They have varying levels of literacy and oral language proficiency in English.
  • These students are able to transfer their first language literacy skills to the process of learning English.

ESL English courses offered: ESLAOI, ESLBOI, ESLCOI, ESLDOI & ESLEOI

Who is an ELD Student?

  • The ELD program is for students who received limited or interrupted education in their home and resettlement countries.
  • They may have some literacy skills in their first language but they are not at an age-appropriate level.
  • Students in ELD programs also demonstrate a range of oral language proficiency in English.

ELD English courses offered: ELDAOI, ELDBOI, ELDCOI, ELDDOI & ELDEOI