We are Trojans!

Forest Heights is a caring community school with an international reach. For more than fifty years, the staff at Forest Heights have delivered exceptional programming both inside and outside our classrooms and supported all students in reaching their goals.

Our graduates have gone on to attend some of the most prestigious University programs in North America and been accepted into very competitive trade schools or apprenticeships. In addition, we host a vibrant and diverse arts community and support a range of competitive on recreational athletic programs.

Forest Heights is also proud to be a board designated magnet for Multilingual Learners (MLLs) within our region. Through this magnet designation we are host to more than three hundred students representing over fifty different countries. These students enrich our school community and provide us opportunities to build a global perspective for all of our students.

We are also a board designated magnet program for those students who want to continue their French Language learning, through our Extended French program. Cultural excursions and enrichment opportunitiesĀ  provide students with authentic and spontaneous situations to hone their language skills.

We look forward to working with our students, families and community partners to ensure that our students achieve and succeed!

Mrs. Rowe