2020/21 Term Marks and Removal of Exam Days

The WRDSB, in line with Ministry of Education guidance, has decided to remove a 70% term and 30% final evaluation split and base secondary students’ final quadmester grades on 100% term work. There will be no formal final exam schedule.

The exam and final evaluation days that usually fall at the end of a semester will now be summative days. At the end of each quadmester there will be 3 “Distance Instructional Support Days”.  On these days students will not attend in person, but will work from home to complete any remaining term work.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with both their Course 1 and Course 2 teachers by appointment on each summative day. Teachers will be available to support students in finishing their course assignments and wrapping up their learning for the quadmester.

This change provides the flexibility students need to demonstrate their learning and teachers need to use their professional judgement in determining a final grade. It also removes the pressures of an exam schedule in the accelerated timelines of a quadmester.