Our program has a small ratio setting with 12 students supported by 3 full-time Educational Assistants and a Teacher. The Alternative Curriculum is based on developing functional skills with three or four subject areas; Citizenship,  Literacy and Mathematics, Personal Life Management, and Inclusive Community Access and Navigation (ICAN). An Alternative Individual Education Plan (IEP) is carefully generated for the individual needs and interests of each student. 

Our class consists of multiple exceptionalities including intellectual, physical, emotional and developmental. Most of our students have some degree of autism, ADHD, OCD, behaviour and anxiety. Our regular program includes a focus on communication, interpersonal skills, life/adaptive skills and academics.


Sample Daily Program During COVID: 

  • Daily scheduled introduced, calendar, short educational video
  • Daily walk #1
  • Snack 
  • Interactive morning routine: weather, attendance, math and language worksheets, joke of the day, news exchange, action songs, dancing.
  • Academics; science, numeracy and literacy online programs, journal, language and math group or individual worksheets, reading and comprehension.
  • Lunch 
  • Daily walk #2
  • Academics, craft/art, yoga, and/or contract classroom jobs. (Contract jobs are only for students older than 16, and for a small group of students at a time)
  • End of day routine