SUMMER SCHOOL June 29 – July 24, 2020  

The WRDSB is pleased to offer full new credit e-learning courses this summer (June 29th to July 24th).  There will be no blended online or face-to-face in-class options available.

The list of WRDSB summer e-learning courses is provided below.  This list may be subject to change due to cancellations, etc. and does not include courses that may be offered through other school boards.  If you are interested in registering for a course that doesn’t appear in the list, please contact your guidance counsellor.

Counsellors will automatically register students for summer school who had indicated in February and March their intent to attend summer school (for reasons of taking a new credit or for reasons of having been unsuccessful in a prerequisite credit).  Students will receive an email message that they have been registered.  Please contact your guidance counsellor if your plans have changed.

All other requests for summer school should be directed to the student’s guidance counsellor.

Registration is open from May 15 to June 19.


  • Dates – June 29th to July 24th inclusive (excludes weekends/holidays)
  • Daily attendance & online participation required (approx. 6 hours/day, plus up to 2 hours/day homework) – NOT the same as distance learning expectations during COVID-19 school closure
  • Delivered fully online by WRDSB teachers


AVI4M  Visual Arts 12
ASM20 Media Arts 10
BTA3O  Information & Business Technology 11
BBB4M  International Business 12
BOH4M  Business Leadership 12
CHC2D  History, academic 10
CHW3M  World History
CHV2O  Civics 10
CHC2P  History, applied 10
CGG3O  Travel & Tourism 11
CGW4U  World Issues, University 12
CLN4U  Canadian & Int. Law
DCO3O  1 credit Co-op 11
ENG1D  Academic English 9
ENG1P   Applied English 9
ENG2D  Academic English 10
ENG2P  Applied English 10
ENG2L  Locally Developed English 10
ENG3E World of Work English 11
ENG3C College English 11
ENG4C  College English 12
ENG3U University English 11
ENG4U  University English 12
ETS4U  Literature Studies 12
EMS3OZ  Media Studies ESL 11
FSF4U  University Core French 12
GLS1O   Study Skills 9
GLC2O Career Studies 10
GWL3O Designing Your Future 11
GLN4O Navigating the Workplace 12
HSP3U  Sociology, University 11
HSP3C  Sociology, College 11
HSB4U  Challenge & Change in Society 12
ICS3C  Computer Science, College 11
ICS4C  Computer Science, College 12
ICS3U Computer Science, University 11
ICS4U  Computer Science, University 12
MFM1P  Applied Math 9
MPM1D  Academic Math 9
MFM2P  Applied Math 10
MPM2D  Academic Math 10
MCF3M  Functions & Applications 11
MCR3U  Functions 11
MDM4U  Data Management 12
MHF4U  Advanced Functions 12
MPM1H Transfer Credit (grade 9 applied to grade 10 academic Math)
OLC4O  Literacy Credit
PSK4U  Kinesiology / Exercise Science 12
PPZ3C  Health for Life 11
OLC4OZ  Literacy Credit ESL
SNC1P  Applied Science 9
SNC1D  Academic Science 9
SNC2P  Applied Science 9
SNC2D  Academic Science 10
SBI3U  University Biology 11
SBI3C  College Biology 11
SBI4U  University Biology 12
SCH3U  University Chemistry 11
SCH4U  University Chemistry 12
SPH4C  College Physics 12
SPH3U  University Physics 11
SPH4U University Physics 12
TGJ4M  Communications Technology 12
TGJ3M  Communications Technology 11
TGJ2O  Communictions Technology 10


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