Information about Final Evaluations

  • While 70% of a student’s grade is based on work completed during the term, 30% of a student’s grade in every course is based on final evaluations administered at or towards the end of the course (Growing Success, 2010).  
  • Students may be required to complete one task or project, or they may be required to complete multiple components as part of the final evaluation for a course.  Students will be required to complete all components of the final evaluation.  
  • Final evaluations, including examinations, may occur during regular class time or may be scheduled during the three exam days at the end of the semester (or a combination of both).
  • Regular class attendance and attention to school work are especially important during the month of June.  Absences from any final evaluation must be validated by a parent or guardian.  Failure to successfully complete final evaluations will affect a student’s final grade and may result in a failure to earn the credit.


Study Week

Starting June 17th, field trips, WCSSAA practices or games, school events and activities will not be scheduled to provide students with an opportunity to focus on completing final evaluations.


Exam and Evaluation Days – June 24, 25, 26, 2024 


  • All students must be available to attend school on exam and evaluation days to complete assessment tasks, as requested by their teacher.  
  • Courses with final evaluations occurring on these days have been outlined on the schedule below.  Teachers will also review this information with their classes.
  • Students who are not required to complete evaluation tasks on these days are able to study at home; however, supervised study spaces will be available at school.
  • ACE students will attend school according to their regular schedule.


Assessments Scheduled on the Exam and Evaluation Days


In addition to the scheduled assessments indicated below, any student could be asked by their teacher to attend during their scheduled class time to complete assessments. 

 Teachers will make every effort to inform students before June 24th, if they are required to attend school during these days.

Mon. June 24

Tues. June 25

Wed. June 26

Period 1

8:20 – 10:55 am

CGF3MI-01 Price

CHW3MI-01 Mayot

ENG4UI-05 Bell

MCR3UI-04 Richmire

MDM4UI-02 Hill

MHF4UI-04 Aggarwal

SBI3UI-03 Voll

SCH3UI-04 Birmingham

Period 1

8:20 – 9:35 am

Period 2

8:20 – 10:55 am

CHT3OI-01 Mayot

CLU3MI-02 Gerber

ENG4UN-01 McQuay

ENG4UI-06 Mics

HSB4UI-02 Kraft

MCR3UI-05 Richmire

MCV4UI-03 Hill

SBI3UI-04 Vlossak

Period 2

9:40 – 10:55 am

Period 3

11:55 am – 2:30 pm

CPW4UI-01 Mayot

MCF3MI-03 Roth

MCR3UI-06 Hill

MHF4UI-05 T. Wilson

SCH3UI-05 Crawford-Brown

SCH4CI-01 Miller

SBI4UI-02 Vlossak

Period 3

11:55 am – 1:10 pm

Period 4

11:55 am – 2:30 pm

CLN4UI-02 El Sombati

ENG4UI-07 Switzer

FEF3UI/4UI-01 Millar

FSF3UI/4UI-01 Sturm

MCR3UI-07 Arnold

MCV4UI-04 Crawford-Brown

Period 4

1:15 – 2:30 pm

Questions regarding any final evaluations should be directed to the specific classroom teacher(s).







Supervised Study Spaces on the Exam and Evaluation Days

When students do not have an exam they may study and work from home. The Student Success Room and Library will be available for silent individual study.  The cafeteria will be available during regular school hours for those who wish to talk or study in groups.  


School Closure or Bus Cancellation

  • School buses run on their regular schedule during these three days.
  • If an exam and evaluation day is cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances (i.e. inclement weather, school closure), those assessments will be written on the next school day and all other assessments will be pushed back one school day.  


PD Days on Thursday, June 27 and Friday, June 28, 2024 (no school for students).


Second Semester Report Cards can be picked up from the FHCI main office in July.