Dear Parent/Guardian:

Re: Updated Busing information – Effective Monday, November 28 th , 2022

Please note that we are moving some stops from route 150 over to 139. As a result your child’s
bus route # and/or stop time has changed. Please find your child’s bus stop and take note of the
changes which will be effective Monday, November 28 th , 2022. We suggest your child is waiting
for the bus at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time to avoid missing the bus.

New BusRoute #            AM & PM Stop Location                             Revised Approx. Stop Time

AM:139 (No change)          West Oak Trail @ Blue Oak St (Park)              AM: 7:19
PM:139 (No change)                                                                                           PM: 3:03

AM:139 (Was 150)              Opposite 1989 Ottawa St S                                 AM: 7:30
PM: 139 (Was 150)                                                                                               PM: 2:47

AM:139 (Was 150)              76 Penelope Dr                                                      AM: 7:35
PM:139 (Was 150)                                                                                                PM: 2:52

The reason for the change is to resolve a timing issue with the current route which has been
unable to reach the next school on time.

If your child is not riding the bus and you wish to decline the transportation, please fill out the
online Do Not Ride form on our website at
parents-students/do-not-ride/ and let the school know.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 519-744-7575 Ext. 227 or by e-mail:

Yours truly,

Debby Gravenor

Technician – Central Area

Cc: Forest Heights C.I.