We want to share an update with secondary students and families about report cards. Report cards will be sent home with the students the week of November 21, 2022.

Students will receive a mark in each course, a summary of their attendance, and a comment about their progress.

This mid-semester report is an important opportunity for students to receive feedback on their academic progress, and work with their teachers to achieve their academic goals by the end of the semester.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to call or email the classroom teacher if they have any questions, concerns or wish to develop a plan to help their child improve once they receive the report card.

Report Card Comments

WRDSB secondary schools are adjusting to a new student information system where the teacher will enter all the information required for each student’s report card.

Usually, report card comments are personalized for each student. For this reporting cycle only, as the school board adjusts to the new processes to create report cards, non-personalized comments will be used. Teachers will, however, choose a comment from a centrally supplied bank that is suited to the learner. By the final report card, teachers will return to personalized comments.