Forest Heights will formally launch its 2020 – 2021 Course Selection Cycle beginning of February.

However, the MyWay Portal is officially OPEN to students beginning Monday, January 13.

Please Note:  Every student currently registered at Forest Heights must log in and select their academic program for the 2020-2021 academic year between January 13 and February 27, 2020.

Students should begin their program planning by visiting the Academics page.  So that students know what to do when it comes to selecting their program, they should additionally view the  Course Selection Cycle 2020-21 page.

Students are encouraged to meet with their Guidance Counsellor (by appointment) and speak with their teachers, parents/guardians to discuss their program planning.

Grade 12 graduating students:

  • January 15 & 16:  Go to MY WAY.  Login with your school connect.  Choose appropriate post-secondary destination.  Complete the Exit Survey.

Grade 9 & 10 students:

  • February 10 & 11:  Counsellor classroom visits to prepare Grade 9 and 10 students
  • February 18 & 19: Grade 9 and 10 classes will complete course requests in MY WAY .  

Grade 11 and returning Grade 12 students:

  • February 12:  Counsellor classroom visits to prepare grade 11 students
  • February 20:  Grade 11 students will complete course requests in MY WAY.
  • February 13:  Counsellor classroom visits to prepare returning grade 12 students.
  • February 21: Returning Grade 12 students will complete course requests in MY WAY.
  • Once students have completed their course requests online, they have the option to review and change a request until Thursday, February 27 at 4 pm.  Any course requests or changes made after this date will NOT be saved.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Guidance Department.




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