Still some space in the March Break Switzerland & Italy Trip

The FHCI Languages Department invites FHCI students to travel to Europe for nine incredible days of first-hand learning during March 2019!

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is critical for our students to become more culturally aware, explore new ideas and grow their potential. We believe that when students are able to see culture come to life outside of the classroom, they develop a new and valuable perspective of the world and themselves. Please join us as we travel through the French-speaking regions of Switzerland including Geneva, Montreux, Broc and Gruyères, and then continue into Italy where we will explore Lake Como, Modena, Florence and Rome.

We  hosted an informational meeting on Wednesday, September 26th at 6pm in the Forest Heights Collegiate Institute library  to provide more details about this opportunity and answer any questions.

Please contact Hilary Millar, Department Head of Languages, at for more information.