Exams, PD Day, and Start of Semester Two

Thursday, January 25th is the last day of semester one classes.
Exams begin on Friday, January 26th and run until Thursday, February 1st.  The exam schedule has been shared with all students and has been posted to the school website.  Please take a moment to ensure that you know the date, time, and location of all of your exams, and to familiarize yourself with what will happen in the case of a severe weather event that causes exams to be postponed.
Friday, February 2nd is a PD Day.  Teachers will be participating in professional development activities on this day.
The first day of semester two classes is Monday, February 5th.  We will be following a regular schedule and students will find their period one class on alphabetical lists posted in the main foyer.  Timetables will be distributed in period one.
We encourage all students to take some time to clean out and organize their lockers!
Best of luck on your exams, Trojans!