Terms and Definitions

Awards: An award is a gift, sum of money, or citation given to recognize achievement in some capacity.

Bursaries & Grants: A bursary or grant is free money. It is based on need, but academic standing and other criteria are also considered.

Scholarships: A scholarship is free money granted towards the expense of further study. It is based on academic achievement and/or community involvement.


Resources for Researching Scholarships

Another excellent site that matches you with scholarships after you have created a profile.

A comprehensive database of Canadian scholarships and bursaries.

An extensive database of scholarships and bursaries available for students with disabilities.

  • The Scholarship Report

An excellent bi-monthly publication with an extensive list of scholarships available digitally though the 2019 Google Classroom.


Applying for Scholarships and Awards

The charts in the following sections list a variety of scholarships sorted by the month your application is due.  For most of these scholarships, students apply directly to the organization that is offering the scholarship.  Some of these scholarships, however,  limit the number of applicants and require a school nomination.  If you wish to be considered for scholarships that require a school nomination, please complete the Application for Scholarships and Awards found in Google Classroom.  Although students are welcome to complete this application at any time, you will considered for more scholarships if you complete this application by the due date below.

Due Date:  November 30

Each year Forest Heights Collegiate recognizes and rewards graduating student through its Commencement Awards.  If you wish to be considered for these awards, please complete or update the Application for Scholarships and Awards found in Google Classroom.

Due Date:  May 15


Legacy Scholarships

Note:  These scholarships require a school nomination.  See your Guidance Counselor for more information.

Scholarship Selection Criteria Due Date Amount Link
Alder Construction
  • Financial need & citizenship
  • Accepted into the Construction Engineering Technology program at Conestoga College
February $5000 www.kwlegacy.ca
Bishop’s University
  • Financial need & citizenship
  • Accepted into Bishop’s University
February $12000 www.kwlegacy.ca
  • Financial need & citizenship
  • Accepted into the Commerce – Real Estate program at the University of Guelph
February $5000 www.kwlegacy.ca
John Heffner Sr. Automotive
  • Financial need & citizenship
  • Accepted into an automotive program
February $5000 www.kwlegacy.ca
  • Financial need & citizenship
  • Accepted into any engineering or science program
February $5000 www.kwlegacy.ca
St. Jerome’s University
  • Financial need & citizenship
  • Accepted into St. Jerome’s University
February $5000 www.kwlegacy.ca
  • Financial need & citizenship
February $5000 www.kwlegacy.ca

External Scholarships


Selection Criteria

Due Date



Credit Canada

  • Essay contest describing a financial calamity you have experienced



$1000 – $5000 www.cewc.ca/grade-12-essay-contest

Horatio Alger Ontario Scholarship Program

  • Extra-curricular & community involvement
  • Financial need
  • Perseverance in overcoming adversity
  • Minimum average 65%
October $5000 www.horatioalger.ca/en/scholarships

Loran Awards

(school nominated)

  • Character & leadership
  • Minimum average 85%
October $100,000 www.loranaward.ca

Loran Awards

(direct pool)

  • Character & leadership
  • Minimum average 85%
October $100,000 www.loranaward.ca

TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

  • Community leadership
  • Minimum average 75%
November $70000 www.tdcanadatrust.com/scholarship

Burger King Scholars Program

  • Grade point average
  • Work experience
  • Extracurricular & community involvement
December $1000 – $50000 http://www.bkmclamorefoundation.org/WhatWeDo/ScholarsProgram

Canadian Women in Municipal Government Scholarship

  • Contribution to school leadership or student council
December $1000




Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program

  • Humanitarian work
  • Participation in sport/fitness & community service
  • Academic excellence


February $28000 www.terryfoxawards.ca

Schulich Leader Scholarship

(school nominated)

  • Pursuing post-secondary education in science, engineering, technology, or mathematics
  • Outstanding community, business or entrepreneurial leadership
  • Academic excellence
  • Financial need
January $80000 www.schulichleaders.com

Zonta Young Women In Public Affairs Award

  • Female student
  • Volunteerism & leadership experience
February $1000




RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program

  • Status or Non-status Indian, Inuit, or Metis
  • Financial need
  • Personal & academic achievements
February $4000 per year http://aboriginalstudents.ca/site-sponsors/rbc/

The KSA Scholarship Program

  • Financial need
  • Commitment to minor sports
  • Commitment to academics
April $2000 http://www.kitchenersports.ca/site/ClientSite/article/29974

Libro Credit Union Student Award Program

  • Minimum average 67%
  • Volunteerism & leadership experience
April $3000 https://www.libro.ca/Community/StudentAwards.aspx

OACRS Student Scholarship

  • Previous client of CTC
  • Overcome barriers
  • Community involvement & leadership
April Varies http://www.oacrs.com/en/scholarshipawards

France-Anne Sweeney Grade 11 Award

(school nominated)

  • Volunteerism
  • “Making a Difference”
April $100 donation to charity http://france-anne.org/awards

France-Anne Sweeney Grade 12 Award

  • Volunteerism
  • “Making a Difference”
  • Grade 11 Award recipient
May  $1000  http://france-anne.org/awards

The Carol Shantz Bursary (KidsAbility)

  • Client or alumnus of KidsAbility
  • Life-long disability
May $1500 (up to 3 years) https://www.kidsability.ca/carolshantzbursary

Kinsmen Club Community Scholarship

(school nominated)

  • Community involvement
May $200 https://www.wrdsb.ca/learning/programs/secondary-school-information/scholarships/waterloo-region-scholarships/kinsmen-club-of-kitchener-waterloo-community-scholarship/

MADD Canada Bursary

  • Parent or sibling killed in impaired driving crash
May $8000 https://madd.ca/pages/programs/youth-services/youth-bursary-fund/

ORBA Scholarships

  • Academic excellence
  • Pursuing post-secondary education in civil engineering
May $2000 https://orba.org/scholarships/orba-scholarship-information/

Dennis Daub Scholarship

  •  Essay 300-500 words
May $500 https://www.ecusolutions.com/Personal/AboutUs/Scholarship/

Chloe Callender Awards

  • Caribbean or black heritage
  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership
June $1000 http://www.cbwc-ontario.com/chapters/kitchenerwaterloo/

East Indian Ladies Club Award

(school nominated)

  • Minimum average 70%
  • Female student
  • School & community involvement
June $100 See Guidance Department for details.

Justin Eves Foundation

  • History of learning impairment
  • Community involvement
  • Academic success
  • Financial need
June  $3000  http://justinevesfoundation.com/

The National Union’s Scholarship Program

  • children/grandchildren of a National Union member
  • 750-1000 word essay
July $1500 https://orba.org/scholarships/orba-scholarship-information/

University and College Scholarships

These scholarships are primarily available to high school students from Ontario, Canada, applying to first-year university.  Search by university here….