INNOVATE is an enhanced program for the academic student. INNOVATE will foster intellectual creativity with an emphasis on critical thinking, innovative technologies, global perspectives, and leadership development. Students will be provided with unique opportunities to become involved with global organizations in the community in order to develop into world citizens ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Grade 9

> Enhanced academic English, Math, Geography/Géographie with innovative technologies

> Integrated academic Science, French/Extended French

> Three integrated options at the open level, one of which must be selected from the following courses:ADA 1ON (Dramatic Arts), AMI 1ON (Instrumental Music), AMV 1ON (Vocal Music), AVI 1ON (Visual Arts), or TEJ 1ON (Computer Technology)

Grade 10

> Enhanced academic Science, Enhanced History/Histoire, Career Studies/Carrières, Civics/Citoyenneté with innovative technologies (also referred to as “Futures Forum”)

> Integrated academic English, Math

> Three integrated options at the open level, one of which must be selected from the following courses:ADA 2ON (Dramatic Arts), AMI 2ON (Instrumental Music), AMV 2ON (Vocal Music), or AVI 2ON (Visual Arts), TEJ 2ON (Computer Technology), TGJ 2ON (Communications Technology), or ICS 2ON (Computer Studies)

Grade 11 & 12

>Enhanced university English

> Discover other options aligning with INNOVATE:

— collaboration with teacher/mentor for AP exam preparation

— experiential peer to peer learning within INNOVATE

— attainment of SHSM Arts and Culture designation

Basic Requirements for Admission

Are You Ready?

  • to become part of a community of learners?
  • be provided with opportunities to work together?
  • to enrich your thinking?
  • and develop leadership skills?

Additional Admission Criteria

  1. Your application will require TWO  teacher references, one of whom must be a current teacher in Math, Science or Language Arts
  2. Your teacher references will report your overall level of achievement
  3. Your teacher references will confirm/support your readiness to participate in  INNOVATE
  4. Overall assessment:  ‘Ready vs Not Ready’


Students may apply to INNOVATE beginning December 22, 2016.  Applications will close January 16, 2017. Students who were successful in their application to INNOVATE will be notified January 30, 2017.

<<Please note: Due to technical restrictions, a grade 7 report card is not required at this time for your application>>

Apply to INNOVATE (student application)

INNOVATE candidate evaluation (teacher reference)

Program Websites

Innovate Music

Innovate Art