The Ministry of Education (MOE) and ultimately the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) assign staffing for the coming year, based upon the course selections that students make in January/February of the current school year. It is imperative that students make informed program choices, resulting in relevant and appropriate course selections and the achievement of personal goals. Students must dedicate themselves to doing the necessary research, resulting in the creation of an effective program that addresses current interests and future aspirations. Students will be required to follow through with their selected program unless they are in a position to provide documentation to support the reduction in selected courses or can demonstrate a legitimate reason to modify their program. In this manner, we can maintain a stable and consistent population, reasonable class sizes, and appropriate levels of staffing to deliver a comprehensive and meaningful program. If students make changes to their end destination or career choice, the student must see their respective counsellor before the end of May. Course changes will be kept to a minimum in order to maintain class sizes that support an effective teaching-learning environment. Reasonable requests may be accommodated; however there are no guarantees as facilities and class sizes are limiting factors. Course changes will not be entertained between semesters, unless they relate directly to graduation requirements. Please ensure that you select your program carefully.

Minimum program requirements at FHCI

Students registering at FHCI must choose a program with a course load according to the following school policy:

Semestered Program

Grade 9 students will take 5 compulsory courses and 3 elective courses. Grades 10 and 11 students are required to take a full timetable of eight credits over two semesters. Students in their fourth and fifth years are expected to take three credits per semester, except under extraordinary circumstances. It is a Ministry requirement that students under the age of 18 be in full attendance. It is our expectation that students under 16 years of age and with less than 16 credits will take 8 credits per school year.

These are the minimum requirements at FHCI for students to earn 30 credits (18 compulsory, 12 elective) in four years as required by the Ministry of Education to earn the Secondary School Diploma. Students are not obligated to complete their program within four years and may exercise their option to return for a fifth year to broaden their experience or portfolio. We encourage students to graduate with more than 6 grade 12 courses so a greater range of opportunities is available to them in planning their future.

The Ministry of Education or Waterloo Region District School Board does not restrict students from completing their secondary school education in greater than four years.