This optional credit course is offered to help students with an IEP who are struggling to develop good learning strategies in order to be successful in their course load.  Students receive daily instruction in organization, time management, goal setting, and various learning strategies.  Students are eligible to take one of these credits in each of their four years.

A student is programmed into a Learning Strategies course after being referred by Learning Services.

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12


Learning Services staff monitor students with an IEP throughout the semester.  Progress reports are collected from subject teachers.  Students who require assistance are encouraged to come to the Learning Services room anytime.  Students may access help in the form of specific homework or assignment help, proofreading of assignments, writing tests or exams, or to use computer resources.

SPED Class (Homework Support)

An optional non-credit course for students with an IEP who are looking for a quiet place to work on assignments and to obtain daily help.