The month of June in a thriving secondary school is full of fun activities, like our annual Trojan Picnic on June 8th, and end-of-year celebrations, such as our Trojan Art Gala on June 8th and our Athletic Banquet on June 15th.


Equally important during the month of June is continued school attendance and attention to academics.  In all classes, 30% of a student’s final grade is determined by work completed towards the end of a course.

In some classes, that may mean that students are completing a final summative project over a period of several weeks.  In other classes, it may mean that students are preparing to complete summative assessments, projects, or exams in the last week of school, during the Exam and Evaluation Days on June 23rd, 26th and 27th.  While some courses have an assessment scheduled on these three days, all students must be available to attend school from June 23rd to 27th to complete assessment tasks at their teacher’s request.


Families are reminded that the final day of regular classes is Thursday, June 22nd and we expect regular school attendance up to and including this day. We encourage families to schedule vacations, and any other activities that would require absences from school, for after June 27th.


We look forward to a month where we can all achieve our academic goals and celebrate our successes this year!